Tips for Authors for Connecting With Their Local Libraries

Utilizing your local libraries can be a great way to start small when creating awareness for your book and building a readership. Per library Executive Director Sarah Moore, public libraries love working with local authors to execute events for their communities. The best way to approach your public library, she says, is to reach out in person or through email or phone, and find out which staff member is in charge of programming. The staff person assigned to this task will depend on the size of the library. Larger libraries tend to have a staff member that is dedicated to programming, and some even have several programming staffers to cover various genres and age groups. Author readings and book signings at your local library can be very effective in engaging the community. Libraries will often advertise the events, add the book to their collection, and even sell the book for a set time frame, as Moore explains. One of the primary goals of local libraries is to make connections in their communities, and local authors usually generate a lot of interest.

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