Joanie Schirm on Creating Opportunities for Her Book in the Education Market

Author Joanie Schirm's award-winning debut book, Adventurers Against Their Will, is based on the letters exchanged between her Czech Jewish refugee father and family and friends during World War II. She knew there was so much that could be learned from her intimate stories that wasn't already being shared in classrooms, so she targeted the educational system in her promotional efforts. Schirm worked both locally and with the state department of education to get added to recommended reading lists. In addition, she called on related organizations and museums, such as the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, to help create awareness for her book and get it added to their academic programs. Schirm has also found success in doing speaking engagements at schools, universities, and corporations, and works closely with teachers on special projects for students.

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  • Ms. Schism, Thank you for sharing your experience.  My father's autobiography that I helped publish, is an autobiography which we wish to market in educational circles and we are getting a slow start.  I definitely got more ideas from you about approaches and places to approach.  I like the idea of getting on organizational reading lists like the State Educational board reading list.