How the Florida Writers Foundation Supports Literacy

Illiteracy is a problem that is pervasive in ways that are often forgotten. For writers who make their living in words, a world without written words is difficult to imagine. However, it’s a reality for many.  With that in mind, who better to encourage students to read than authors? Melody Dean Dimick, President of the Florida Writers Foundation, discusses literacy in the clip below. “32 million adults are illiterate. 85% of juveniles forced to interact with the court system are illiterate,” says Dimick. This is a statistic that can be changed, if people are willing to take some time to help. There are local organizations in almost every town and city that offer learning tools. Do you know where yours are? The Florida Writers Foundation is doing great work to support literacy through a variety of creative means. One initiative that Dimick is excited about is supporting literacy through spoken word poetry, which encourages students to verbally engage with words that they have written down. What are ways that you can get involved in your community's efforts to end illiteracy? Watch the video below to find out more! 

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