How Authors Can Ensure Their Book is Newsworthy

One of the most effective ways that authors can garner media attention is to make their book, or their platform, relevant. This means staying on top of world news and cultural trends. Anytime you can tie your book or platform to a current event or topic, you are making yourself more newsworthy, says freelance writer, editor, and publicist Lindsey Gobel. If your book topic or platform relates to a trending topic like equality in the workplace, for example, pitch it that way to your media contacts. Or, work with a publicist who can help create that pitch for you. Per Gobel, timing and proximity are also important factors when gauging how newsworthy your book topic or platform is. In addition, she recommends having a strong presence on social media. Being consistent with your messaging and making yourself approachable can go a long way in opening you up to media opportunities.

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