Tips for Publishing Poetry and Finding an Audience

Marketing poetry is difficult, especially when social media and the internet have flooded the market with new, free content. According to Melody Dean Dimick, the age of technology has changed the way that poetry is written, published, and promoted. Poems can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now. There’s even a new poem called the Twitterature poem which is only 280 characters long. People also send poetry to hashtags—try out #poetryisnotdead on your own! Regardless of your social media use though there are great ways to get your poems published. For example, research the magazines that you’re submitting to. Each has its own culture and set of conventions. Some magazines favor certain topics. Some favor certain lengths of poems. Some magazines publish poems in long side columns and actually like poems that have short lines. Trends have been changing over the last few years. While poems that avoid rhyme have been trendy recently, people are again looking for poems that rhyme. Learn more about technology and other poetry trends in the clip below!

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