Dr. Mark Goulston on Spreading Positivity with the “WMYST” Movement

Making the world a better and happier place can start with one smile at a time, explains bestselling author, TEDx Speaker, and special advisor Dr. Mark Goulston. The “What Made You Smile Today?” (WMYST) Global Movement started with a friend of Dr. Goulston’s. The friend’s daughter was battling a drug addiction, and her dad would text her every day to ask what had made her smile that day. Within six weeks, she replied genuinely: the fact that her father had texted her. Two months later, she was no longer using drugs. Dr. Goulston believes this question can touch many lives. He will ask restaurant servers, airport workers, and other people he encounters what made them smile today, prompting them to think about what they are appreciative and grateful for. They are then reminded of that moment by the wristbands Dr. Goulston gives out with the hashtag #WhatMadeYouSmileToday.

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