Narrow Your Focus for Broad Results: Niche Marketing - article

It would be great to think that your book appeals to everyone. Unfortunately, marketing to a broad and diverse audience can be difficult and ineffective for an industry newcomer. A great way to launch your marketing campaign is by identifying and promoting to a niche market. A niche market is an easily accessible group with similar interests. Finding a niche market can play a vital role in the marketing of your work.

Many products and books started out with only a small niche market and slowly began to have large appeal. Try these steps to find your niche market:

Clarify Your Book's Purpose

Before figuring out what niche market your book may appeal to, you have to determine what your book offers. Write down pieces of information that you feel your book conveys. If your book is fiction, it may help to personify it. If your book were human, what would it do and look like? Think outside of the box when identifying your book's unique qualities, but be realistic and reasonable.

Identify Your Market

Once you've determined what you have to offer, it's time to figure out what reachable groups would be interested in purchasing it. Think of clubs and other gatherings that may be inclined to purchase your book and enjoy it. Get creative and think outside of the box. A simple Google search of organizations in your area could open up lots of avenues that you didn't know existed. Approach group leaders about possibly speaking at meetings or at least posting a flyer. (Remember to keep marketing materials on target to ensure the best communication with your chosen audience.)

Evaluate Competitors

To ensure that you won't be reinventing the wheel with a certain market, take a look at what groups' authors who have similar books are already involved with. It may be fun to compete, but carving your own path might be more rewarding in the long run. By looking at what authors like you have done, you can take note of what works and keep an eye out for holes in what's currently being offered.

Growing your market over time at a slow and steady pace is a great way to gain fans. Don't try to do it all at once. Identifying niche markets and promoting to them will help launch your book campaign and give you credibility in the industry. Remember, it's not a bad idea to select more than one niche market in case a certain one doesn't work out. Growing a fan base isn't easy, but with research, planning, and persistence, your market will expand.

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