Write a Book, Build a Business - video

When writing your book and considering your marketing plan, start thinking about how you can build a business with your book. Whether you're writing nonfiction or fiction, you can create and find opportunities to market yourself and your book like a business professional. Bestselling author and speaker Joyce Schwarz provides wonderful examples of all of the business possibilities you could envision related to your book, be it workshops, film, speaking, seminars, or more. This video will spark your imagination about how your book can become a business.
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  • I could not follow your talk could you, please, send me documents that I can print and refer to as I try to "Write a Book, Build a Business."
  • I would love to make a musical CD to go with my book because there are lyrics in my books just waiting to be sung with music. Some actually have the music already. Thanks beat doctor and beats.com If you would like to help me with music ideas. Check me out at Chaya121@Gmail.com