Successful Authors Know Their Business

When you finally finish your book and earn the title of author you may not realize it, but you are actually opening your own business. Accounting, taxes, marketing, promotion, sales, distribution and even legal are all important things you need to think about. In this informative webinar, Author Learning Center President Keith Ogorek will provide insight on how to think about these critical areas and suggest where you can find help so that along with a great book, you will also have a well-run business.

Here are the two handouts that go along with this presentation:
Successful Authors Know Their Business_Outline.pdf
Successful Authors Know Their Business_Resources.pdf

About the Presenter:
Keith Ogorek is the President of the Author Learning Center. He has authored three books, 
A Clear ViewEli the Stable Boy, and 7 Secrets of Successful Self-Published Authors. You will also find him speaking at leading industry events such as the Indie and Digital Author conference, Textbook and Academic Authoring Conference, Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, The Singapore Writer’s Festival, Havana Book Fair, and the Florida Writers Conference.

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  • Hi Keith. I am currently working on a marketing plan, I have been reading and educating myself on tons of

    resources that are available.  But I think I have lost my way in a pile of information I am not sure how to go forward.

    Currently, Westbow is developing a website for me.  I have set up a Facebook account, twitter, Instagram.

    From what I've been reading, a great start point is finding who my target audience is, their location, etc. 

    I have gone on some websites that should supply these answers. Up until this point, I've become

    overwhelmed with tons of information.  Getting to the next step of establishing an online presence I 

    find even more daunting. 

    I am asking for your guidance in narrowing down my tasks.  Are these marketing steps done consecutively, or is their one specific area of

    marketing I need to focus on?  I hope you can offer your guidance.

    thanks, Sophia.