Press Kit: What's Included? - article

When you assemble a press kit, try to anticipate the types of things that will be necessary in your particular event. Some of these items will vary depending on the type of event, but there are certain things that you should always provide. Always include a photo of yourself and a biography. The person organizing the event or interview will want to know who you are and something about you. For instance, it is helpful for someone who is about to introduce you for a reading if they can tell the audience a little about you. If you’re doing an interview, it can be helpful to give the interviewer sample questions, but , do not expect them to simply ask you the questions on your sheet. You can – and should – include at least one sample copy of the book for the venue and/or person interviewing you, so that they have the opportunity to display your book and prepare for the interview (if applicable).

If available, include recent press releases, clips of positive media coverage, or samples of positive reviews or quotes about you or your book. Also, if you are assembling the kit for an event organizer, consider adding a poster, postcards or bookmarks as tools to help your host publicize your event.

Remember, you want people to attend so that you leave with a reputation for bringing in a good-sized crowd of customers. This helps convince venues that you are a valuable author, and likely they’ll invite you back when your next book is published. You can also put a link to a sample of your book on the back of the postcard or bookmark as a way to get people interested in coming to see you.

As you assemble your press kit remember that the better the press kit, the more publicity you will get. And the better the publicity, the greater the chance you’ll fill the room with likely buyers of your book.

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