Press Kit: What is it? - article

When getting your book out to the world, you want to grab the attention of as many people as possible. This is where press kits come into play. They are a package of information designed to show off your book and to allow people to get a good glimpse into you, the author, and your writing.

A press kit is usually sent before a book is published, and includes advanced review copies of your book that help interviewers prepare to meet you. Those who will write reviews of your book can meet their own publishing deadlines when they have a copy. The sooner a press kit can be sent the better. It helps the author and the book publisher get the excitement started.

A press kit can be provided in two ways: as a hard copy packet, or as a PDF attachment in an email. Some publishing companies and authors make their press kits available on their websites or blogs for easiest and quickest access. This can give interviewers and reviewers a chance to know about the book and author ahead of time.

You as the author can put together a press kit and send it to those who are asking to know about your book. It may be costly if you send out hard copies, so an alternative is going the digital way. Send an e-mail with a link to your website. The receiver will then download a PDF from your site on their computer. Or you can attach the PDF press kit right in your e-mail, making it a very simple process.

By being able to deliver a press kit the moment it is asked for, you can market your work that much faster and meet the demand for instant availability.

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