Key Elements of an Effective Book Launch Press Release

A press release is a tool that authors can use to notify the media of their book release. Per freelance writer, editor, and publicist Lindsey Gobel, the best way to execute a press release is to work with a literary publicist. Literary publicists have the experience and connections to ensure your press release contains all of the essential elements and that it will get into the hands of as many media contacts as possible. A press release should be concise and objective, and written in a journalistic style. Containing key information about the author and the book, a press release must be presented in a way that captures the attention of the media. There is a right time and a wrong time to launch a book press release, says Gobel. The best time to launch a press release is first thing on a Monday morning so that media contacts are exposed to it before their strategy meetings take place. The worst time is on a Friday afternoon - your press release is likely to get lost and buried over the weekend.

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