How Crowdfunding for Authors Works - article

Want to self-publish a book but don't have the upfront capital? Crowdfunding allows you to raise money for your book project. From start-ups to albums, films to books, people use crowdfunding to finance their passions. With the increasing popularity of self-publishing and DIY options, more authors are using crowdfunding to finance their projects. Find out just how effective it can be before you get started.

"Crowdfunding is an opportunity to make your dream a reality."

How can authors use crowdfunding?

The basic concept of crowdfunding for authors is this: you get a page on a crowdfunding website (such as Indiegogo, Kickstarter, or GoFundMe) where you can feature content such as text, graphics, and a video to pitch your idea. Individuals visit this page and pledge whatever amount they want to fund your project. There's a deadline to raise funds, so people must donate before time runs out. You can also offer incentives to entice people to give.

Most crowdfunding websites charge a percentage of the money raised. Each platform has its pros and cons so do your research before choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Whether you’re looking to self-publish your book or raise money for marketing efforts, crowdfunding is an opportunity to make your dream a reality. It allows for direct connection to your audience and helps build authority in your space when you are successful.

Tips to successfully crowdfund your next book

Build your audience first

A great book idea is a good start, but you also need an audience to have a successful crowdfunding campaign. Although crowdfunding can help increase your audience, it's best to already have one before launching your campaign. Spend some time building your audience online using a blog or social media platform, like Twitter.

"Do your research before starting your crowdfunding campaign. Asking for too much or too little is setting yourself up for failure."

Reach out to companies and organizations

There may be companies and organizations in your community that would benefit from your book. You'll find success raising funds when you tap into communities of like-minded people who share your passion.

Create a realistic budget

How much money do you really need to publish and launch your book? Do your research before starting your crowdfunding campaign. Asking for too much or too little is setting yourself up for failure.

"Not only do funders give because they want to read the book, but they also donate because they believe the story needs to be told."

Engage your audience

People often fund authors because of emotional reasons. Not only do funders give because they want to read the book, but they also donate because they believe the story needs to be told. When writing the copy for your crowdfunding webpage, tell your story in an engaging way. Be passionate. Create a compelling video. Spend time writing persuasive bullet points on why someone should care about your book. Tell the audience what is unique about it. Will it help the reader in some way? These key marketing messages will not only help you fund your book project, but they will also help you sell your book once it's published.

Give back

People love free stuff. Don't forget to offer something to thank your funders and encourage larger gift donations. For smaller donations, you could offer a free copy of your book. For larger intervals of giving, get creative. You could offer items such as signed artwork from your book, a t-shirt featuring your book's cover art, or even a special service related to your expertise. The possibilities are endless.

Not all crowdfunding projects succeed. There's a lot of competition, which is why you have to be prepared before starting your campaign. Research other crowdfunding campaigns to see what works and what doesn’t. Explore various crowdfunding sites to discover where your project best fits. By planning ahead, building your audience, and targeting your audience directly with a compelling message that speaks to the heart of the reader, you can find success crowdfunding your next book.

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