Free Content Does Not Cannibalize Sales - video

There's a lot of debate about giveaways as a beneficial book promotion strategy. Many authors have asked the question: will a giveaway hurt my book sales? Author and keynote speaker Patrick Schwerdtfeger tells us that it is possible to give away free content without sacrificing sales of other products. He shares great examples of how he gave away significant amounts of content from his book without costing him a book sale. For example, he summarized his book into tips and shared them for free on Twitter. He also created a video for each chapter of his book and distributed the video on YouTube. Also, he made some of the chapters from his book available online as articles. So why would he give away his book content for free? He says that it allows people to sample his work and see the value in it, driving them to buy the book. Listen to his take on giving away content from your book as a promotional strategy, and see what you think.
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