5 Grassroots Tactics to Generate Book Publicity and Drive Sales - recorded webinar

Indie authors, and in many cases, traditionally published authors, are responsible for all or some of their marketing and publicity efforts. Author Missy Balusek and marketing professional, Jay Ehret, show that it is possible to find success on your own. In this webinar, they share the strategies used to create a successful publicity campaign from the ground up, without a professional publicist.

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  • This was helpful...it gave me food for thought about "how and where to start the ball rolling. 

  • I have enjoyed listening to Tactics to Generate Book Publicity. I have gotten a lot of helpful advice on how create publicity for my book. Organizations and other groups to get in touch with was most helpful.

  • Excellent webinar.  I especially liked the truth in the statement that you need to play your tactics in the order of "play it by ear".  That made me far less concerned.  I have some important ideas now, especially contacting churches and schools for literacy tours.  I thank Jay and Missy for their kindness in taking the time to present this webinar.  It's very "down to earth" and understandable for a subject that can be daunting to the novice.

  • Thank you very much. This has given me insight into the whole business. Hyacinth E. Anyanwu
  • This was a very good session and I am thankful that it's provided for us. While speaking with a marketing consultant through my publisher, I then realized that basically I had made a product, a book, and now I have to sell my product. That revelation helped me to realize I had to begin working on getting my book noticed. Prior to this realization, I thought Amazon and the publisher was going to take care of this part of the process for me. Not so! I am now excited about reaching this part of the process, because during each step in this process we learn so many valuable things that will come in handy when publishing the next book. Thanks for this session and all information given in it.