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Developing an online following can be a long and daunting task for the self-published author. If done correctly, this process can mean long-term success for both the author and their projects. The best way for an author to organically develop this following is to follow the age old philosophy of, “give and you shall receive.”

So, when and how should you write for the sole purpose of giving it away?

In addition to writing and editing your own work, you need to be able to set enough regular time aside to effectively market everything you do. Your busy schedules and a possible lack of direction can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort. What you really need is something you can use as bait to attract the real big fish.

And that's where giving something away for nothing can pay off.

Serialized blogs or newsletters

Writing an exclusive blog series or an ongoing newsletter can give readers a good reason to submit their email. The offering of knowledge and solutions to those seeking it is very compelling. But, their value doesn’t end there.

These series also fulfill the ongoing need to have fresh content created for SEO purposes. Meaning the more you create and post the higher you’ll rank in the search engines.

Short how-to booklets 

How-to instruction booklets are seen as the guides your would be readers use to navigate through accomplishing very specific tasks. By being the originator of these booklets your put into an authoritative position in the consumers mind.

Providing these how-to booklets for free, makes exchanging them with anyone willing to leave their email address with you a win-win for both of you.

Exclusive e-book offers

After you’ve written an industry specific e-book or even an interesting title of another nature you can use a special offer on your website to get new subscribers to type in their email in exchange for a deep discount or free copy.

All of these types of “free” offers allow you to attract a specific type of interested reader. The type of reader that can go into an extremely valuable, very targeted email database for future follow up. This precious new list of people will become the targets you directly market to when launching your projects.

You see you're now working in the realm of “permission based” marketing and it's all made possible by you offering your unique and interesting content. The most successful companies in the world employ these tactics every day.

And remember, you ARE a writer! You're the most cost effective writing resource you have. You can generate an unlimited amount of fresh content, in your own voice, just the way you want it, and post it to your website or blog on your own predetermined schedule.

Finally, make sure your website has a way to capture these email addresses. Most do-it-yourself sites have the option to setup a subscription box, if not call your webmaster and have them add one today.

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  • Great suggestions here thank you
  • Dear Sandi, I am constantly amazed by the talent, thoughtfulness, spirit and goodness people are blessed with, patience to persevere and not give up on their goals, love,understanding, and caring for others! From the few words we exchange I can see that you are such a person and I am very happy that you came to my life! Both of your books sound very interesting! Does Love's Enduring Choices have anything to do with your and your family, your choice to put yourself to the side and take care of others? Is it a really imaginary novel or from real life? Let me know what is your website.
  • Dear Katina, I have already published one book, The Escape, through self publishing, in Nov. 2010. However, due to a family member's health problem, I was unable to get out to do anything with it, nor did I have the time to sit down to my computer to do anything with it. So, it is just now being recognized. And I am done editing my second book, Love's Enduring Choices, and it has now gone to publication. This time, I am trying to do every thing that my publisher wants me to do, like the ALC., sending a blurp to the world's book fair, the 'Book 2 Peek' on facebook, and hopefully, soon to learn how to do Twitter, plus getting out to do book signings. ALC has already been a big help to me by telling me how to do things that I wasn't sure of before. I'm anxious to read your book. It sounds very interesting. All of my writings is fictional romance. :)
  • Hello Sandi, thanks for gently pushing...It is scary and overwhelming but it is exciting as well but there are nice and knowlegdable people at ALC that will help us. Right now just feeling my way through Twitter and looking at websites and blogs but I know that soon I will have to swim or else. What is your project...are you almost done? My manuscript is with an editor...waiting for her changes. It is about this one year of my life, the hurdles, the joys, and the beauty, questions and answers, poems, memories, goals, all as I follow the changes of the seasons and sail toward my Ithaca. Lets keep in touch and who ever learns things first help the other. :)
  • Dear Katina, I know the feeling. It all makes my head spin, and almost afraid to try to do any of it. I guess we have no choice but to just plunge in and get our feet wet and hopefully learn how to swim, if we want our published book to become known.