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Facebook is the social media giant that connects over 500,000,000 users around the world. It’s a site where over 250million users log in to interact with their friends and family every single day. To round out these astonishing statistics, note that 71.2% of all Internet users in the United States participate in Facebook, while 48% of young Americans say they find out about news through Facebook.

As an author, operating in this new digital market, you should get yourself into this endless digital stream of potential readers. While blogging provides a destination for your readers to visit and read, and Twitter helps you to communicate with them on a daily basis, Facebook serves as a bulletin board for everything.

After setting up your personal Facebook page you are going to want to create your business page. The main reason for this is that it will allow you to separate yourself from your business. Especially if you get tagged in an embarrassing photo or if something comes across you wall that a client might find offensive. Your business page is also where the valuable “like” button will come into play.

You'll still want to build up both profiles and switching back and forth is as easy as a click.

In addition, you'll want to link other social media outlets to both your personal Facebook account and your business page as this will make them both more useful. Such inter-connectivity will especially appeal to those young American news seekers who are on Facebook daily. Whether it’s a wall post about a sample chapter recently uploaded or news about the giveaway contest you’re hosting on Twitter, if linked, your posts will draw readers through to your Facebook page. On the flip side, by including links to your Facebook information in some of your tweets, or by adding a “like” button to your blog, you’ll be able to capitalize on traffic to those sites by funneling it back to your Facebook page.

Once you’re signed up with Facebook, you need to begin the daily chore of seeking out new friends. Search any school you’ve ever attended, any job you’ve ever had, or anything genre specific you follow. This will get the ball rolling. Next, link up a Twitter account and go to WordPress or Blogger, and start posting original articles. Add some photos, suggest some related YouTube videos, and push the “like” button on some of your friends’ postings.

Just like that, you’ll find yourself networking.

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