The Value of Video and YouTube as Marketing Tools for Authors

Social media is packed with video content, as is obvious by a single scroll down any platform feed. How can you make video content that’s effective for a book market? Erik Deckers, author and president of Pro Blog Service, explains the importance of video as a marketing tool. This is a particularly important medium because, “we are a trailer society,” according to Deckers.  The moving elements on the screen can get readers excited about a book in a way that a press release won’t. Deckers explains that YouTube is a helpful place to put the trailer. Not only is it a searchable website and the second largest social platform in the world, but, if you know what YouTube is primarily used for, you can create video content other than your book trailer. Depending on the theme or content of your book, you may find certain types of videos helpful to drive sales. Learn more about creating video content in the clip below! 

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