Using Wordpress - Blog vs Website - podcast

David Taylor, owner and creative director of David Taylor Design, explains how authors can use WordPress to manage their websites and blogs. WordPress started out as a simple tool for writers to post content without knowing code, but it has evolved into a more elaborate web development tool. However, it is still an easy way to create and manage a blog. Building an author website on WordPress allows you to update your site without needed to learn web development coding. While you may not be able to change everything you want to without help from a developer, you can add text, images, videos, pages, and blog posts.
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  • I have signed to Wordpress but never occurred to me what to use it for. Thank you for the tips.
  • Hi David, Thanks for sharing with us information regarding WordPress. It has been a great helpful tool for me with sharing my poems, promoting my book, and other information. I didn't know that it was a platform used to make postings online with using coding. That is good history to know.