An Interview with Loubna Hassanieh, Ph.D., author of Where Will My Heart Beat?

Dr. Loubna Hassanieh was born in Beirut, Lebanon, during the grueling years of civil wars and invasions. She moved to the United States where she earned an undergraduate degree in biology from UCLA, and a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from USC. She is a published scientist with a strong conviction that science alone cannot explain the mystery of our existence. She published her debut novel "Where Will My Heart Beat?" in an effort to spark the conversation about the mind-body connection. Dr. Hassanieh resides in Southern California with her husband and two children.

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What inspired you to write your book?

Dr. Hassanieh: As a scientist, I am aware our tools have become more advanced and our methods more precise, but our data is not necessarily cleaner. Our world has more dimensions than we can fathom and our consciousness is fundamental to our existence. Hence, modern science and deductive reasoning are not the only path to the truth.

Where Will My Heart Beat? is an attempt to raise questions about the mystery of the universe and our part in that universe. Who are we? Why are we here? What is the meaning of it all? Are we all interconnected, mind and soul? What is consciousness? Can logic explain it all? And hopefully provide some answers.

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What can you tell us about your book?

At age 17, Adel Jacob suffers a major injury at the hands of his psychopathic brother, leaving him permanently handicapped. Feeling betrayed by his parents' shortcomings, Adel flees home, leaving behind his childhood love, Mona. Years later, a deep yearning brings him back to his hometown, only to face an unresolved past, full of startling revelations. A series of unforeseeable events and an enigmatic connection with a physical therapist set him on a mission to reconnect with Mona. Will he find her or will he spend the rest of his life alone?

Was your writing process for this book different than for scientific work you have done?

Writing Where Will My Heart Beat? was not a methodical project, but rather a free flowing, creative endeavor. Each character is well developed to ultimately bring closure to the many themes running through the novel.

Where Will My Heart Beat? weaves together a plethora of interpersonal relations, showing how our actions have consequences that echo to eternity.

How did the ALC help you with your book?

The sea of information provided by ALC gave me up-to-date advice on how to write, edit, publish and market my book. For instance, I learned how to reach out to bookstores and libraries and was able to schedule book signings at several Barnes & Noble locations, in more than one state. The interactive webinars allowed me to discuss information with experts and get answers in real-time. I highly recommend ALC to all authors, regardless at what stage in the process they are.

"I learned how to reach out to bookstores and libraries and was able to schedule book signings at several Barnes & Noble locations, in more than one state."


Where Will My Heart Beat?

Born into a prominent and affluent family, Adel Jacob eventually learns that wealth has no bearing on happiness. At age seventeen, he falls prey to his brother's animosity and becomes forever handicapped. Betrayed by his parents' shortcomings, Adel realizes he must leave home, abandoning his innocence and with it, his first love, Mona. Twenty-five years later, a painful yearning brings Adel back to his hometown where things are no longer the same. As he discovers how purposeful his journey will be, Adel's insights slowly unravel realms of wonderment. When his path unexpectedly crosses with Mona's again, their adoration for each other brings them back into each other's arms in a circuitous way as Adel realizes his love for her transcends time and place and resides beyond the horizons of his consciousness. Although their second encounter is shorter than their first, Mona manages to crack open windows to his past and reveal demonic realities. Distraught about failing her twice, Adel must now strive to redeem himself and hold onto her memory until the end. In this poignant story of good and evil and loss and redemption, a man returns to his past where he reconnects with a former love and searches his soul for intuitive guidance.

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