ALC Success Stories

Writing Success Stories

"I felt like a fish out of water, but the ALC gave me the focus and education I needed. The learning content guided me through all the elements I was unfamiliar with while writing."

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"The ALC motivated me by giving me a clear roadmap, and the information through videos and podcasts helped keep me focused. It has helped me to know what stage I am at or need to be on my journey as an author."

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"Since this was my first book, I needed to have a plan. The Book Launch Tool gave me a step-by-step guide for my manuscript and helped me bring my character to life."

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"The video interviews and podcasts were also very helpful because hearing from other writers and authors enabled me to overcome my fears and writer’s block."

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Publishing Success Stories

"I was able to gain perspective on the publishing process, which had me totally confused and wading through unfamiliar territory that was becoming increasingly scary!"

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"At first, I was reluctant and I didn't believe the ALC or the Book Launch Tool would be valuable, but now I can't imagine NOT having it. I knew I wanted to publish, but I didn't know all the steps that the process would entail."

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"The more you know about writing, editing, designing, printing, distribution, sales, and the all-important marketing and promotion, the better your chance of success with your book."

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Marketing Success Stories

"There’s definitely a shift in mindset that occurs when you go from writing to marketing your book. The Book Launch Tool and email reminders from the ALC help me plan ahead and ensure I’m focusing on the right thing at the right time."

Read Gabrielle's Story

"I understood the pieces of marketing, but I didn’t know how to put the elements into a plan. That is where the Author Learning Center really helped."

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"Having the ALC along the way really made the process easy. I made good use of the editing and marketing advice and I'm really looking forward to the summer kickoff of my blog and author website."

Read Joann's Story

"After I joined, I quickly realized there was another step. I was going to have to promote the book…I watched a lot of videos on the ALC and made myself keep going."

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