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Writing Success Stories

Karen Petit

"Because I'm an educator and author, I love the learning process and the ALC is an amazing tool for authors wanting to learn how to write, edit, market, and publish their books."

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Holly C. Robins

"Just by signing up you receive help with social media, marketing, and connecting with the wisdom of seasoned authors and professionals."

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Ramesh Shah

"I really appreciated the tips and expertise I got from watching the webinars regarding the art of writing non-fiction and marketing."

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Carmen F. Gabriel-Watson

"The ALC understood my needs as a writer and provided tools and resources to help me navigate my journey and explore my passion."

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Sophia Campbell

"My experience in writing, publishing and marketing was as novice as you can get. But there were no questions that were too mundane for the ALC to address."

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Mary Godsland

"Suddenly, I was not alone. The ALC has a wealth of advice about all kinds of writing and many webinar topics that really helped me."

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Adrianne Babbit

"I've learned so much and feel better equipped to pursue my dream of being a professional author and writer."

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Everlyne Mujera

"I never felt alone or stuck because I had the ALC"

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"The tools and templates were a key component for helping me stay on track."

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"I felt like a fish out of water, but the ALC gave me the focus and education I needed. The learning content guided me through all the elements I was unfamiliar with while writing."

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"The ALC motivated me by giving me a clear roadmap, and the information through videos and podcasts helped keep me focused. It has helped me to know what stage I am at or need to be on my journey as an author."

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"Since this was my first book, I needed to have a plan. The Book Launch Tool gave me a step-by-step guide for my manuscript and helped me bring my character to life."

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"The video interviews and podcasts were also very helpful because hearing from other writers and authors enabled me to overcome my fears and writer's block."

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"The ALC's Book Launch Tool has been invaluable because it helps me set goals and track my progress–especially since I generally do not get a long session for writing."

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"The Author Learning Center is invaluable...You are able to schedule each of the elements of your book writing project from writing to editing to marketing to publishing."

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Publishing Success Stories

Joeseph Field

"Find out when writing comes to you freely and attempt to block out that time of day for writing. Then, write whatever comes out and worry about editing later."

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Sam Griffith

"The ALC provided information for almost any topic I had a question on. I found a community that is willing to help others succeed."

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R.L. Read

"The ALC gave me a unique perspective that helped ensure the writing and point of view of my book grab the attention of my readers as well as my book’s readability."

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M. N. Thomas

"I advise anyone who wants to write a book to start! Right now is the best time to publish a book because there are so many experts ready to help authors succeed at writing."

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Donald James

"My advice for any aspiring authors would be open to criticism while being willing to choose to not accept someone’s advice. It’s still your voice even if you choose different words."

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Wendy Samford

"I have taken advantage of the webinars offered on writing, publishing, editing, and marketing. Not only are they informative, but they are short and to the point."

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Don Pugnetti Jr.

"I’m proud to be a member of ALC. The wealth of services and material pack the power to help writers transform an idea of no more than a sentence into a full-fledged book."

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Trina Pitts-Khalfani

"The ALC gave me direct access to learn unique information from experts in the publishing industry."

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David Corby

"The best advice I can give is to use the ALC to its full potential. I am sure that the joy of completing and publishing a book will last a lifetime and you should keep that goal in mind as you write your book."

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Tracy Butler

"With the ALC I really feel there is no way for an author not to be successful. The tools, resources and support they provide are stellar!"

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Kim Dwyer

"I learned so much from the webinars, podcasts, articles and guides AND the ALC is actually affordable!"

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Philip Brice

"The ALC kept me modest and on track!"

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Brenda Johnson

"The ALC helped me reach my goals by providing a road map."

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Jim Gardner

"The ALC puts the many pieces of the puzzle into focus so I can see the big picture."

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Matt Graphman

"The Book Launch tool helped me organize my tasks. I used it to set writing goals and track my progress. It helped me stay accountable and stick to my schedule."

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Marcela Gargani

"The ALC was my motivation, preparation and ultimately put me on path to published author."

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Bruce Bastien

"The ALC's guidance was essential in helping me navigate the process and successfully complete my book."

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Sherry Rhodes

"The Author Learning Center has been such a blessing to me! Every time I felt like giving up I'd get something useful in my email from the ALC."

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Patricia Jean Smithyman-Zito

"The ALC's professional persistence and encouragement flanked my flailing fortitude and enabled me to move forward with production!"

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Margaret Vivienne Currie

"I feel the Author Learning Center's advice and on-going support enabled me to continue when I was ready to throw in the towel."

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Kirk Diaz

"The webinars also proved to be especially invaluable, especially those on self-editing, and developing a good elevator pitch for my book."

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Charmaine Barber

"With the Book Launch Tool and timely advice, the ALC never let me give up on my dream of getting my book out into the world."

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"I stay pretty busy, but the ALC is an easy way for me to stay informed."

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"The ALC is by far the best author education site that I have seen"

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"The ALC is a tool that allows you to work smarter not harder."

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"Every time I asked a question on the ALC, I receive a valuable answer."

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"If I could write a book with absolutely no knowledge on how to start, so can you."

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"I was able to gain perspective on the publishing process, which had me totally confused and wading through unfamiliar territory that was becoming increasingly scary!"

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"At first, I was reluctant and I didn't believe the ALC or the Book Launch Tool would be valuable, but now I can't imagine NOT having it. I knew I wanted to publish, but I didn't know all the steps that the process would entail."

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"The more you know about writing, editing, designing, printing, distribution, sales, and the all-important marketing and promotion, the better your chance of success with your book."

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Marketing Success Stories

Aying Godman

"The best advice I would give to both beginning and aspiring writers is to be original, motivated, determined and open-minded to learn."

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Tim Scott

"I found marketing is the hardest element of the publishing journey. All I wanted to do was get my book in the hands of readers. With the help of the ALC, I found tactics to overcome the challenges that marketing presented me."

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Lorelei Tiffin

"No matter what question a writer might have, there is a webinar that gives you valuable tips and tricks."

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José Prada

"The ALC has tons of useful information, and I feel that I have just started to scrape the surface!"

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Marion Mahar

"The Author Space provided me with organized steps and reminders through the whole process while the webinars both live and archived taught me everything I needed to know. I learned things I did not even realize I needed to know."

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Roland F. St. Gerard

"The Author Learning Center proved to be a goldmine offering valuable insights for both aspiring and seasoned authors."

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Ray A. Francis Sr.

"The ALC really gave me courage to get out there and drum up support for and interest in my book."

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Joe Field

"The ALC has tremendous speakers who are quite knowledgeable. I really appreciated the videos and live speaker sessions. I would soak in their teachings."

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Everlyne Mujera

"I especially appreciate the marketing advice because this is a struggle for self-published authors."

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Jim Hansen

"I learned important things such as crafting an elevator pitch, how to use social media and what it takes to write a blog."

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"The ALC is a must for anyone starting this journey."

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"Only when I started to research and used the Author Learning Center did I truly understand what was needed."

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"The interactive webinars allowed me to discuss information with experts and get answers in real-time."

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"There's definitely a shift in mindset that occurs when you go from writing to marketing your book. The Book Launch Tool and email reminders from the ALC help me plan ahead and ensure I'm focusing on the right thing at the right time."

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"I understood the pieces of marketing, but I didn't know how to put the elements into a plan. That is where the Author Learning Center really helped."

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"Having the ALC along the way really made the process easy. I made good use of the editing and marketing advice and I'm really looking forward to the summer kickoff of my blog and author website."

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"After I joined, I quickly realized there was another step. I was going to have to promote the book…I watched a lot of videos on the ALC and made myself keep going."

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"Through the ALC webinars, I learned how to design my own covers, build a website, and sharpen my skillset regarding marketing tools."

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Craig Nordeen

"I can trust the ALC to give me insight into what should I be doing and not doing. I want to spend my time and money on trusted sources."

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Ernestine Rose

"I use [the ALC] to make sure I stay abreast of the trends, especially when it comes to marketing and promotion. It's a constant learning process!"

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Mike Copple

"The '3 Phases of Book Marketing' was absolutely worth the time and very effective!"

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Program Success Stories

Alla Kaluzhny

"Emails from the Author Learning Center highlighting a webinar or article often brought critical steps to my attention that I might have otherwise overlooked."

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Colinda Latour

"The webinars are a great way to learn and pick up useful tips and guidance on such a vast array of topics. The instructors are always well-informed and easy to understand."

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Genet Simone

"The Three Phases of Book Marketing program really gave me focus. I loved the pacing of the course and the alternating each week between instruction and group interaction."

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Gloria Everleigh

"When I saw the Book-in-a-Year program on the ALC, I immediately knew this was my way forward."

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Nonie Sables

"The Book-in-a-Year program gave me step-by-step goals that led to my book being published."

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"Having something available on memoirs was critical for my motivation to actually get writing. I needed that online push to keep going."

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Pamela Orgeron

"3 Phases of Book Marketing is the one part of ALC that I found the most beneficial. Through the course, I recognized a lot of mistakes I had been making while learning how to market my books better."

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