For Mike & Elfriede, the ALC Was the Resource They Needed to Learn How to Market Their Books

Mike, the author of “Calling From the Sky”, successfully wrote and published his books, but he wasn’t sure how to market them. That’s where his wife, Elfriede, stepped in. Together, with the help of the ALC, they learned to market, promote and sell their books.

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"The Author Learning Center provides resources to help you learn how marketing works."

The best way to get something done is to begin. The ALC helped us get started by educating and preparing us to publish and market our books. I would encourage anyone who is publishing their book to take advantage of the advice, videos and articles that the ALC has to offer.

"The '3 Phases of Book Marketing' webinar was absolutely worth the time and very effective!"

The 3 Phases of Book Marketing webinar helped us learn how to plan and market our books. It made Elfriede, the marketing department of our husband and wife team, feel confident in fulfilling her part.


Calling From the Sky

When Luke Corbett, the high achiever, star miler, and an Eagle Scout, joins the Air Force in 1961, he has no idea of the dangers that await him. Overly enthusiastic as a missile analyst, Luke unintentionally leaks classified information to Soviet spies. He reports the incident, setting off a chain of events that soon has Luke and his wife, Cheryl, in the crosshairs of a vengeance plot. His attempts to protect himself and his family launch him on a new career path. Yet, one day he wakes up to find himself strapped to a tree with his arm stretched out, his hand tied to a fishing line attached to his hair-triggered hunting rifle, aimed directly at his mouth. Isolated in the forest, will he be able to get out of this one alive?

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