For Carolyn, The ALC Was The Key to Reaching Her Goal

For most of her life, Carolyn Griffin had a dream of writing a book. After five long years of writing in her free time, Carolyn was able to achieve that dream. Once she began the process of trying to get her manuscript published, she had no idea what it would entail and began to feel overwhelmed. That's when Carolyn discovered the ALC.

Here's what Carolyn has to share:

"The ALC totally restored my self-confidence and the industry experts gave advice that made me actually look forward to writing my book."

I have been an avid writer from a very early age, but due to work commitments over the years and raising a young family, I was unable to evolve any of my projects into publication. It was around the time of the birth of my first grandchild that I felt powerfully driven to provide my grandchild and future grandchildren with an insight into their Celtic heritage.

"The Book Launch Tool…was instantly a phenomenal help as suddenly I was able to gain perspective."

My first insight into the ALC's resources was by documenting my project using the Book Launch Tool. This tool was instantly a phenomenal help as suddenly I was able to gain perspective on the publishing process, which had me totally confused and wading through unfamiliar territory that was becoming increasingly scary!

As a writer who loves to burrow down in front of her computer and just write, I admit to being a bit of an introvert. The thought of having to place myself in a perceived position of vulnerability filled me with horror! This is where the excellent live webinars provided by ALC took me past my fears of marketing and actually had me looking forward to promoting my book through book signings and through so many more marketing opportunities that I had never heard of! All of the industry experts I have been fortunate enough to access during the webinars I have attended have presented me with excellent advice.

"I cannot imagine writing a book without the support and resources provided by ALC."

I cannot imagine writing a book without the support and resources provided by ALC. Even when writer's block hits, inspiration is always close at hand through the advice of best-selling authors and industry experts.

The Author Learning Center has provided invaluable tools to aid me in my publishing journey and which I will continue to use as I craft my second book in my Cornish Tales series with Alex and his adventures.


Alex and the Druids' Eclipse

After witnessing a total solar eclipse high on the Cornish cliffs with his father, ten-year-old Alex Pitts tumbles from the familiar world he knows into one filled with uncertainty and danger. Sent to recapture a magical cauldron, this journey takes him on a perilous quest into a world of witches, giants, and age-old rituals that evolve into a living nightmare. Alex and the Druids' Eclipse throws open a portal to a time long past, to a land where lore and magic reigns.

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