Learn About Sandra’s Dream of Writing Her First Children’s Book

Sandra never thought to write a book until she had a dream one night. Her family encouraged her to get the story published but she didn’t know where to start. She discovered the ALC and it gave her a roadmap to successfully becoming an author.

Read how the ALC helped her dream actually come true:

“Since I had no experience writing a book and did not know anyone who had written a book, I started researching online and that’s when I found the ALC.”

I was inspired to write this book because of a dream I had. My mother, Ruth E. loved butterflies and my grandchildren love picking vegetables from Grandpa's garden. So by bringing these two ideas together, "The Adventures of Ruth E. the Butterfly & Me" was created.

I joined the ALC so I could educate myself by reading articles, listening to videos and participating in webinars from other authors. I am currently enrolled in a marketing group coaching program which is extremely helpful.

“If I could write a book with absolutely no knowledge on how to start, so can you.”

My advice to anyone who is interested in writing a book is "You can do it"! I started with a written plan, focused on one step at a time, read many articles and watched a lot of tutorials. The ALC was very supportive, encouraging and willing to assist. I made many changes along the way but eventually I got it published!

For me the journey was an awesome experience. Publishing this book was a real dream that came true!


The Adventures of Ruth E. the Butterfly and Me

Ruth E. the Butterfly is a beautiful fictional character with a calm, gentle personality who delightfully take small children on a garden adventure. This journey takes the reader, “Me” to visit Grampa’s Garden to see the many different colors and types of vegetables. There are interactive activities such as a maze and identifying a variety of vegetables.

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