Creating a Great Book Cover - podcast

Stephen Langford, author and producer of the television show Family Matters, defines what makes a great book cover. Langford explains the importance of capturing the attention of potential readers through arresting cover design, and he discusses the sales-boosting relationship between the genre of a book and the design of the book's cover.
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  • That was very much needed, I agree when I walk into a book store I go for sometimes what catch my eye, the cover is a great part of why I even want to read the book I needed that insight..

  • I am fairly new to this and I'm finding it very interesting. It is however difficult to navigate around to all the different subjects. I am finding it very difficult to find an agent or publisher who will publish my books, because I write stories with a combination of all the genres plus because I'm new not many will take on an unknown author. I can't afford to self publish, also what do I do? some people have told me to find a literacy agent and some say don't. I'm so confused. Some say just go to a publisher, but where do i go to find a genuine publisher and not a vanity scam one?
  • I definitely appreciate this knowledge about how a bool cover should catch one,s attention in a bookstore. God bless you love
  • The cover of your book should reflex the expectation of what the story will be about. It is important that the visual impact should be compelling, to capture the buyer's attention. ( The eyes and the mind.)