The Importance of Good Design and an Impactful Title in Publishing a Book - video

It's sometimes difficult for authors to accept that readers will judge a book by its cover, but it's a fact. A potential reader's buying decision often starts with the cover. And it's not just the front cover design that grabs their eye, says Epigram Books founder Edmund Wee. The book title is just as important, if not MORE important. Bookstores are extremely competitive places and you only have a few seconds to catch a reader's eye while they are browsing. He encourages authors to work closely with their publisher on both the design and title and to be open to the publisher's direction and opinion, as they know the market well. Also keep in mind that if you can get a potential reader to pick up your book to leaf through it, the interior design needs to be inviting as well. This includes typeface, leading, paper quality, and more. All of these elements will impact a reader's purchase decision in the retail environment.

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