Considering Your Audience and Genre When Designing Your Book Cover

In order to stand out in today's competitive book market writers must take their book cover design very seriously. Whether you are publishing an eBook or print book, you must know and understand your target audience, as author and writing teacher Valerie Willis explains. Her background in graphic design has given her special insight into what elements make a book cover design impactful. First, the design should be driven by the book's genre, so you must research and understand what's working in the market currently. Second, be very careful with font selection, using only clear, legible fonts that can also work on the spine and back cover for a print book. Last, use images and graphics that illustrate the book's time period, mood, and genre. Willis advises authors to be careful of following design trends that don't necessarily fit your story. Falsely representing your book can lead to disappointed readers and negative reviews.

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