Elements of Impactful Cover Design for Both Print and eBooks

Lawrence Knorr, author and founder of Sunbury Press, explains the components of an effective book cover. Knorr has always had a love for photography, which he considers to be his formational background in design. He shares the most important elements an author needs to consider as he or she designs a book cover. First, he talks about the book as a product that needs to be packaged in a genre-appropriate way. If an author is trying to market a book to a certain audience, there are conventions a reader expects on the cover. However, this leads Knorr to his second tip: a book cover should not be derivative. He speaks in detail about the importance of a book cover sticking out on the shelves. Finally, Knorr explains the beauty of a simple design on a cover. What needs to be on a cover and what should be left off? How does this all impact eBooks? What can we learn, for example, from Steve Job’s design of Apple products when it comes to a book cover? Listen to the clip below as Knorr explains all of these tips and describes how he gets feedback on book covers.

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