How Cover Art and ‘Book Feel’ Can Impact a Book’s Success

"People won't give you a chance if they don't like your cover," says bestselling author and Wannabe Press founder Russell Nohelty. His years of publishing experience have shown that the quality of the cover art and book itself really do matter to readers. The cover art doesn't have to be an exact match to the book's details and characters, but must fit the tone and genre. The book must also feel good in a reader's hands. If your book cover and quality can't compete with the very best that's out there, it likely won't sell. Nohelty shares how a simple cover and title update to one of his own books turned it into a big success. A book cover is an important marketing asset, and is ultimately a part of your author branding.

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  • Hi Teresa. That's good that you draw and paint having much experiences. I write Epic Poems  For The Homeless In The Research And Publishing Industries. Russel Nohelty made a couple of good points. Moreover, my book title is called "GOVERNOR OF IIA LLC" with my "Professional Writer's Alliance" Logo image of book cover that's blue and white. However, I want the theme to be white relating to my white robe I wore when Senior Pastor David Stratton from Wood Haven Baptist Church in Apex, North Carolina baptized me in the warm water. And it reflects the meaning of my brand within the Spiritual Law. I write in Truth and Kindness for peace speaking in the voice of Jesus Christ through Epic Poetry which I believe is my genre (Poetry). I heard others say they'll buy my book before I wrote it.  "The cover fits the tone what people expect for the genre" Russel Nohelty said. "And death followed behind her with a new book cover anthe sales skyrocketed" Russel Nohelty said. 

  • Thank you for your sharing your wisdom on the importance of Cover Art and Book Feel.  I am an artist and calligrapher with many stories and books to accompany my art.