Print Book Distribution Tips for Beginner Indie Authors

The publishing industry is complicated. Whether an author is traditionally published or self-published, trying to sell a book is difficult in a system that requires so much prior knowledge. It’s important for authors to gather extensive knowledge of the industry before they begin selling. Otherwise, it becomes extremely difficult to turn a profit, which keeps people who want or need your book from discovering it. In the clip below, Amy Collins shares some of her publishing and distribution expertise with us. Collins, President of New Shelves Books, gives tips about who to print with and explains the pros and cons of different print methods. How do the large publishers print their books and should you do it in the same way? Collins highly suggests that beginning indie authors start by printing their books on demand. There are many reasons for this and she explains them in great detail. Watch the clip below to learn how print on demand can affect your shipping cost, book storage, overhead costs, and bookstore distribution.

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  • Very interesting. I already was a supporter of the Print-On-Demand model and was interested in the positive shout out concerning Ingram Spark. I have been considering KDP Direct for my self-published debut novel so was curious about pros/cons of these 2 and any other feedback on source and pitfalls