Printing and Pricing Considerations When Publishing a Book

Printing costs must always be factored in when setting a retail price for a book. ALC President Keith Ogorek's latest nonfiction book will be printed in color, so the pricing and printing options are very important considerations in the publishing process since color is more expensive.

There are two main printing options for authors: 1) print on demand, and 2) offset printing. The advantage of print on demand, used by platforms such as Kindle Direct Publishing and IngramSpark, is that books are printed only as they are ordered. The print cost per book is much higher, especially for a color book, but the author doesn't have to pay up front for a large quantity of books or figure out how to warehouse the inventory. When using offset printing, you typically have to order and pay for 1,500+ books at a time, but your cost per book will be much lower. The path you choose for printing will greatly affect how much you make per book, so it's important to keep this in mind when setting your retail price.

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