The Dos and Don’ts for New Authors Publishing eBooks on Amazon

Amazon is a massive marketplace and the competition to attract and retain readers is very high. There are two main advantages to having your eBook for sale on Amazon:

1) it’s a global marketplace so you can reach readers all over the world
2) you have more control over the product (your book) and how it’s marketed

Author and book PR/marketing expert A.G. Billig encourages first time authors to make their books available for sale on Amazon, but advises that it's important to do it right. First and foremost, if you are publishing your eBook using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, it’s critical to have a high quality product. This means a well-edited book with an attractive cover and title to draw potential buyers in. Second, Billig recommends that authors complete all of the book metadata that Amazon offers, including the description, author bio, and long tail keywords (3 or 4 word phrases). Amazon is ultimately a search engine, so this data will help with your book’s searchability. Finally, Billig advises authors to make the paperback version of their book available for sale in addition to the eBook. There are still readers that enjoy the physical copy of a book and you might need physical copies as well. Billig also offers several points of caution for first-time Amazon authors. Watch the video below to learn more!

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