Getting Permission to Use Someone Else’s Artwork or Photos in Your Book

When wanting to include someone else's artwork, illustrations, or photos in your book, you must understand who owns the right to these creations and ensure you request the proper permissions to use the material. This goes for any text that you want to quote as well, such as a famous line from a poem or other book. You need to obtain the right to use the material in your book, otherwise, it may result in copyright infringement.

ALC President Keith Ogorek recommends that authors work on obtaining these permissions as soon as they know they want to include someone else's creation in their book, as it can take a long time. You don't want the permissions to be the thing that is delaying your book's release timing. With his latest nonfiction book, he has already acquired the necessary permissions as his book is in the process of being professionally edited. This way, his book will be ready for publication as soon as the final edits are made.

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