How the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Program Can Benefit Authors

Authors have many options when it comes to selling books online and one of the largest bookselling platforms is Amazon. For authors, Amazon offers two programs through the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing program - the standard program and the exclusive KDP Select program. When authors choose to sign up exclusively with Amazon, their books are available in the Kindle Unlimited program. This is a subscription-based program for readers that allows them to read as many Kindle Unlimited books as they want for a small monthly fee.

New York Times bestselling romance author Aleatha Romig fought participating in the Kindle Select program for years because you can't sell your books outside of Amazon when you sign up, and she had a decent reader base on platforms like Apple and Nook. Ultimately, the benefits of Kindle Select outweighed the downside for her eBooks. Authors make higher royalties through Kindle Select, their books are available through Kindle Unlimited, and, romance readers are voracious readers. There is a large community of budget-conscious readers that would prefer to pay a little over $10 a month to read unlimited books rather than paying $6+ per book. While this exclusive program may not work for all authors, it has worked well for her romance books.

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