Lisa Beazley on Creating the Title and Cover for Her Book, Keep Me Posted

Like many authors that are traditionally published, Lisa Beazley was asked to propose ideas for a new title for her debut novel. Her editor initially wanted the word "sisters" in the title to align with the book's story of two sisters that decide to reconnect through old-fashioned letters, but the sales department at her publishing house disagreed with this direction. It was up to Beazley to come up with a new title that met everyone's expectations, and under a tight deadline. She reached out to her family to help brainstorm, receiving some well-meaning, but unhelpful suggestions. She thanked her mom in an email that she ended with, "I'll keep you posted." This sparked the idea for Keep Me Posted as the book's title, which was approved by her publishing team. Once the title was finalized, Beazley's publisher drove the cover design for her book, but did ask her for initial input. She trusted their expertise and was very pleased with the final outcome.

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