Bob Morris on the Evolution of His Publishing Company, Story Farm

Newspaper columnist, magazine editor, and author Bob Morris created the independent publishing company, Story Farm, during a less than ideal time. It was 2008, when the book world was being turned upside-down due to the recession, that Morris was presented with an opportunity to help publish a coffee table-style book for a high-end resort. Although his own novels were traditionally published and he had never independently published any books, Morris had the know-how and contacts to get it done. This positive experience led Morris to pursue publishing more books. Story Farm initially started out publishing books related to the culinary industry where talented chefs were being overlooked by traditional publishers, but quickly expanded to include hotels and resorts, universities, CEOs, and more. The key to their success, Morris says, is working with clients who have a good reach, platform, and the potential to sell a large volume of books.

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