Now is a Great Time for Poetry - podcast

Because of today's vibrant Internet-based culture, award-winner Mary Mackey says it's an ideal time to be a poet--especially for women and minorities who have been discouraged in the past. Mackey shares her tips to other poets, including the need to concentrate on their craft and create interesting work, but the potential to reach a huge audience online brings great possibilities.
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  • Publish what you like, in my opinion, yes, that is enough :-)
  • Dear Mary... I have one book published, but don't know how to allow it to blossom. Could you give me tips and pointers... thank you so much
  • I have published five books of prose in several genre. I also have several hundred poems stored in notebooks, about 70 of which have been published over the years. I am considering publishing a collection but am held back by wondering which of the poems are of sufficient quality to publish. What criteria should I apply? I know what I like but is that enough? Thank you, Karen Karper Fredette