Sara Stratton on Starting Redwood Publishing, and How She Assists Authors

Sara Stratton’s company, Redwood Publishing, first began as a platform to educate indie authors. She became interested in the field while working at a ghostwriting firm. Over time, she noticed it was becoming harder to secure traditional publishing deals. With self-publishing on the rise, she educated herself on the entire process and helped authors learn how to self-publish. Soon, she had authors asking for more assistance – they didn’t just want the learning resources, they wanted someone who could execute the process for them. Redwood Publishing was born out of this need. Stratton offers copy editing and proofreading, as well as supervising the book design process, finalizing book distribution and printing, and registering for copyrights, among other things. She does whatever it will take to end up with a final product that looks just as polished and professional as a traditionally published book.

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