Lisa Beazley Shares the Highs and Lows of Getting a Multi-Book Publishing Deal

Sometimes having the right story and right connections is all it takes to get the attention of agents and publishers. This is what happened to author Lisa Beazley with her debut novel Keep Me Posted. Through one of her creative writing course instructors, Beazley was able to get her manuscript in front of a well-respected agent. Although the agent wasn't accepting new clients at the time, she reviewed Beazley's manuscript and was so impressed that she took Beazley on and quickly landed her a two-book deal with Berkley, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group. For Beazley, getting the first book published was the easy part. The challenge was quickly coming up with a pitch for a second book. She and her publisher agreed upon a direction, but ultimately, Beazley couldn't connect with the character or story. After working on the manuscript for over a year she sent it to her publisher and expressed her concerns. They agreed to stop pursuing the second book and part ways. This was a difficult experience for Beazley, but it has allowed her to follow her own path with her latest book project.

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