How Sunbury Press Provides Enhanced Publicity and Marketing for Their Authors

Finding a publishing house can be overwhelming. There are so many different ways that publishing houses conduct business because of the various, broad needs of authors. Not every publishing house is a good fit for every author, and not every publisher offers marketing support. Therefore, it’s important that authors know what they want before they sign with a publisher. In the clip below, Lawrence Knorr, author and founder of Sunbury Press, talks about how his publishing house is structured and what that means for an author. At Sunbury, they work to keep their overhead low so they can invest in publicity and marketing for their authors. Knorr, a self-professed "IT guy" uses platforms and software that prioritize efficient publicity. Listen to discover how a small traditional publisher like Sunbury can get you on TV and radio, and what types of questions you should be asking before you sign with a publisher.

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