What Agents Look For in a Client - video

Literary agent Amy Levenson shares her views on finding the perfect client to represent. Here Levenson details her two main considerations before taking on a client and explains her ideal agent-client relationship.
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  • I had a manuscript I send to many publishing companies and got no where, I eventually put it on the shelf. I later wrote another book and self published it “To love life, is to walk with God daily”.  I’m a writer but not a good agent at getting the book out there.  I am writing another book, but I want to do traditional publishing.  My understanding is that I need to attend  writers seminars which I don’t have time for.   Do you suggest to give up on traditional publishing?

  • Hello, are you still looking for clients. If so I have published a science fiction book. If you would like I will tell you about the book and hopefully I can be your client and you can be my agent because I plan on publishing more books in the future.

  • Thank you Amy, your sharing views are definitely indispensable, for both the author and the agent. your key # one is truthfulness, I like it! Indeed, I am looking for an agent!
  • Thank you Amy I appreciate the honest information. I have wanted to get an agent but I am self published with at least 9 books and 5 short stories. I am not sure if that will hurt or help. I want a good relationship with an agent and an honest one. I like to feel comfortable so that is good to know that a agent looks for those things to.
  • I totally agree with you Amy! Thanks for this information, it is very important to work with someone you can trust. That's exactly who I'm looking for. Someone that would have no problem with critiquing my work helping me with my mistakes so forth. Especially another individual that I truly feel comfortable with sharing my ideas with and who would not mind helping me advance, expand and certainly helping me evolve to the next level.