What Agents Look For in a Client - video

Literary agent Amy Levenson shares her views on finding the perfect client to represent. Here Levenson details her two main considerations before taking on a client and explains her ideal agent-client relationship.
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  • I am looking for an agent to help me to get to where I’m trying to go with my writing I wrote and published a book of poems the first of two part  book the book of poems and a fictional romance novel to follow it up and I’m looking to try for a book deal 

  • I have lots of poems. How do I know if they are good enough?

  • I had a manuscript I send to many publishing companies and got no where, I eventually put it on the shelf. I later wrote another book and self published it “To love life, is to walk with God daily”.  I’m a writer but not a good agent at getting the book out there.  I am writing another book, but I want to do traditional publishing.  My understanding is that I need to attend  writers seminars which I don’t have time for.   Do you suggest to give up on traditional publishing?

  • Hello, are you still looking for clients. If so I have published a science fiction book. If you would like I will tell you about the book and hopefully I can be your client and you can be my agent because I plan on publishing more books in the future.

  • Thank you Amy, your sharing views are definitely indispensable, for both the author and the agent. your key # one is truthfulness, I like it! Indeed, I am looking for an agent!