What Agents Look for in Non-Fiction - video

Learn how an effective author platform helps you get a literary agent; agent BJ Robbins explains what she looks for in nonfiction authors. Many authors don't understand what an author platform is, Robbins explains, and gives us several examples of different scales of author platforms. She also tells us what kinds of things go into an agent making a buying decision on a nonfiction book, and how a platform can help push that decision one way or another.
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  • Hi, I am currently working on getting a non-fiction book together on the specification for a Holodeck and in doing so writing software to simulate the system. I am in my book going to show a working model of a photonic computer and hopefully if time allows how it can drive a volumetric display and show how the virtual environment of a holodeck works. The book will have about 1/2 on the Photonic computer design then some information about the operating system of choice and then about the virtual environment of a Holdeck. It is going to take me about 2-4 years to get my book ready for publication so I have plenty of time to get a plan together for marketing of my book of which I have chosen the self publishing path.

  • Thank you so much for the information I'm am glade getting some much information I know I have some much to learn for this to be my first book God blessed
  • Thanks for your information regarding good platform. And what on Agent looking for when you are about to publish a book. I love your advice. God bless.
  • hello mina. can I have your email address so that I can add you my circle
  • thank you for the information. I do have a quick question? do I need to have an agent to get the word of my book out there? I know I have the credentials for content but I don't have that platform. How do I go about getting an agent.?