Young Adult Author Melody Dean Dimick on Finding Her Publisher

As Author Melody Dean Dimick shares, finding a publisher can be very difficult. Dimick found the publisher for her book at the Heritage Book Festival. However, this wasn’t necessarily a result of a happy coincidence or this specific conference. Dimick had gone to every conference she could afford to attend, and she discovered her publisher well into her journey. Putting yourself “out there” is often uncomfortable, but it’s incredibly important to help others discover your book. In trying to find a publisher, make sure you’ve done your research. What are things that will make your book appealing to a publisher? Dimick discovered that a selling point for her book was her protagonist. You should also know what type of genre your publisher works in. Dimick ran into an interesting qualification when attempting to publish her book Blame. For Dimick, it wasn’t a problem to conform to the style her publisher wanted, but for other authors it could be. Finally, you should know your target audience before you attempt to find a publisher. Your publisher will want to know who you’re writing to, because it’s often their job to help market your book. Listen to Dimick as she explains some of the best practices in finding a publisher.

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