Perfecting Your Query Letter - podcast

Professional editor Christine Van Zandt offers some advice to authors on polishing the query letters written to agents and publishers.
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  • thank you very much . Good direction for me.
  • James Suttor Thanks for letting me no what a query letter is, i'm writing my biography of my life which is my first book. Having a lot to learn, I'm finding all these comments very helpful. Reply to James Suttor l Report offensive comments
  • Mrs. Van Zandt, I agree with you. A query letter is the first contact between the author and the editor. In my previous life as editor, the query letter was important. Authors and editors leave in a very different pace. Authors take their time to present their unique work to the editor. In the other hand, editors have few minutes to decide wich manuscripts from many received worth to be published. When authors understand editors' daily tasks, they write sharp and focused query letters. Authors, I can tell you, all editors or agents in your field will read your query letter. Then, they decide to work with you or not. Nicole
  • I will be honest I was totally unfamiliar of a Query Letter. Again thanks for your support and information. I'm one of many who appreciate you.
  • I really like this information. I didn't realize how important it is to be precise on writing a Query letter.