Tips for Finding a Publishing Attorney - article

You may or may not actually need a publishing attorney. But if you get into a dispute with your publisher, your agent, or another author for example, a publishing attorney will come in handy. If you’re sued for copyright infringement or you want to sue someone for stealing your work, you will definitely need an attorney who specializes in all things publishing. And, lawsuits aside, if you just need someone to help you with coming to contract terms with a publisher, a publishing attorney is essential.

But what about your agent? Isn’t he or she your advocate? Doesn’t he or she know the ropes well enough to serve you without engaging a possibly expensive legal eagle? The answer is a resounding “No.” With the advent of eBooks and the decline of traditional sales channels, the world of publishing is changing so rapidly that there are times when an expert whose sole responsibility is to you, the client, is advisable.

How do you find a publishing attorney? Like just about everything else today, a good way to find a publishing attorney is to do some online research. is just one of many useful sites. Just Google “publishing attorney” and a host of options will come up.

Of course, with any search for a service professional of any kind, it’s good to ask people you know. Do any of your friends or colleagues use a publishing attorney? Do they know someone who does or has, and can they give you a referral? It’s always better and safer to work with someone who has been referred by a trusted friend or colleague. Check with your writing group, experts at conferences, and local legal referral services. If you want to get really granular, you can subscribe to Lexis/Nexis and search their legal directory, Martindale-Hubbell, which features peer and client reviews. However, there is no magic bullet. In the end, it’s up to you to check out an attorney before you hire him or her. Who has he or she represented? From where did he or she receive a juris doctor degree? Is his firm noted for representing authors? Can he or she provide you with references? And, of course, are his or her fees within your budget?

Finding a service professional is never easy. But you’ll be on your way to success if you remember the basics: determine if you actually need one, identify potential candidates, research the attorney candidates to ensure he or she meets your requirements and is qualified, and work within your budget.

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  • to continue  I needed 3 grand to have my book republished and redisturbted  with Dorance publishing what are my legal options

  • The Problem  is Tate Publishing  has closed there doors and my first book is lost because I do not have that 3000 dollars to have it republished also I have not received one royalty check  from them and my book has been out a year I need to know what to do please help my E-mail is general357bcd is how to get in touch with me.