Online Publishing Opportunities, and the Highs and Lows of the Submission Process

The process of getting your work published can be confusing and overwhelming. There are many paths available to authors today, and a large amount of publishing companies and service providers, some more reputable than others.

Per author AJ Baker, he has found many legitimate publishing opportunities online, you just have to know how to search for them, he says. Some offer monetary prizes, while others offer publication in a magazine or anthology. These types of opportunities can lead to bigger publishing deals, as in Baker's experience.

A couple of things that have surprised Baker about the submissions process for these opportunities are the time line and the feedback. Once you submit your manuscript and other required information for a publishing opportunity or contest, it can be a long time before you hear anything back from the outlet. The waiting can be a bit of a mind game when you are submitting to so many opportunities. Baker tries to remain confident in his writing while also understanding that rejection is just a part of the process. He's then able to enjoy the surprise of hearing positive feedback or acceptance from an outlet.

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