How to Make Your Book Proposal Stand Out When Pitching to a Publisher or Agent

A key document that may be required when trying to find an agent and get your nonfiction book traditionally published, is a book proposal. Per Pete Nikolai, Director of Publishing Services at HarperCollins Christian Publishing, you should work on developing this proposal before you start any writing. This business plan for your book will provide helpful information as you work on your book and marketing plans. Publishing is a business, he says, and agents and publishers are looking for authors and books that can sell a lot of books. A high quality book is important, but even more important is developing an author platform and knowing how to nurture and reach an audience. Agents and publishers are looking for nonfiction authors with an email distribution list, social media following, and a speaking platform. If you can demonstrate some of these things in your book proposal, you will stand out and appear more marketable.

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