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Sometimes even the smallest success can thrust an author into an uncomfortable place. As a writer accustomed to peace and quiet, are you be ready for the roar of the crowd? Can you handle the heat of the spotlight? More importantly, could you afford not to be ready?

During this webinar with author Steve Piacente, you'll learn what to say, how to say it, and what your non-verbals are adding to the conversation. You’ll be surprised by how much you’re saying when you think you’re not saying anything at all.

And what about when you’re at a loss for words? Don’t worry because you'll also learn tips and tactics on handling tricky questions and how to keep your audience engaged.

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Steve Piacente, the author of two award-winning novels, will soon release Pretender, already hailed by Kirkus Reviews as “haunting in today’s political environment.” He is an executive trainer at The Communication Center in Washington, D.C., an associate professor at American University, and the owner of Next Phase Life Coaching with numerous clients in the writing and communications industries. He began his career as a print journalist more than 30 years ago, serving as Washington correspondent for the newspapers in Charleston and Tampa.