Determining the Age Group for Children's Books - video

The reading level in children's books is important for a book's market. It determines the approximate age of your target audience. Jennifer Emmett, vice president and editorial director of children's books for National Geographic Books, describes what factors weigh into determining the age group for children's books. She explains that they look at the complexity of the material, how the book pairs up with what is being studied in schools, and the level of writing. Vocabulary and sentence structure also play a role in determining the reading level.
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  • Thank  you for the advice. 

  • I appreciated your input on "target audience." It is important to know how to use vocabulary and sentence structure  in which play a role in determine the reading level. 

  • First time listening to this. Very good to know what to do, what to watch out for.

  • Do you think it is acceptable to have a short vocabulary list at the bottom of the page?  Mine is a book of short stories illustrating the principles of yoga, for young people.  I believe children of 11 and above would understand most of it, but inevitably unusual words are occasionally used. The stories are about the life of a Guru figure, about himself and his family, and are light hearted and amusing and I feel the use of the odd more interesting or challenging word adds to the appeal of the book.  What do you think?