Laura Martin on the Inspiration and Concept for Her Edge of Extinction Book Series

Middle-grade author Laura Martin didn't set out to write a book series about dinosaurs. After a visit to a dinosaur exhibit at a museum she was left wondering, "What would happen if we brought dinosaurs out of extinction?" She didn't immediately begin writing the critically acclaimed Edge of Extinction book series but pursued the idea further after struggling to get picked up by an agent with a different manuscript. Martin was advised to get another manuscript in the works to make her more marketable. She found the photos that she took of the dinosaur exhibit and began turning her idea into an epic adventure for middle-grade readers. The strategy behind her series was to introduce high action, high energy, and humor, while creating many relatable "me too" moments for her readers. As a former seventh grade English teacher, Martin has learned these elements keep readers in this age group interested and engaged.

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